Smoke Detectors

The Best Location for Smoke Detectors


Reinhart Electric Walk through your home and locate the areas where you want to mount smoke detectors. Detectors should be mounted only inside bedrooms, outside of bedrooms and in hallways leading to bedrooms.

Reinhart Electric will be sure when attaching to the wall, place it 4-12 inches from the ceiling and in turn, mount ceiling detectors 4 inches from the wall. Smoke rises, so if you have a odd-shaped ceiling, Reinhart Electric opt for the highest point on the ceiling to place the detector.

Residential Smoke Detector Installation

Reinhart Electric will avoid mounting smoke detectors near windows or doors, where smoke can escape before reaching the detector.

Reinhart Electric will avoid mounting smoke detectors in kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms. Smoke and steam from cooking, fireplaces, candles and so on can cause false alarms. Basements and garages should be avoided also. Water heaters, fumes from solvents, paint or gasoline, and dust from forced air heaters can set off alarms.

Reinhart Electric will follow the directions on the package for mounting the smoke detector once you’ve chosen the area for the device.

Reinhart Electric will make sure a qualified electrician mounts the device if you choose to go with a detector that will be hardwired to your home’s electrical system