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Do you have any residential electrical work for which you are seeking an experienced electrician in Edgewood, WA? Are you getting your home remodeled and require the services of trained electricians who can manage the electrical work related to remodeling? If you have answered yes to both the questions, then we can help.

Get in touch with us at Reinhart Electric for a reliable and experienced electrician Edgewood. As an established electrical contractor, we have successfully completed countless electrical jobs. Call our Edgewood electrician for any of the following services:

  • Knob and tube replacement
  • Home electrical upgrades
  • Install new electrical box
  • Electric remodel

You can schedule the electrical service at a time convenient to you. Our Edgewood electrician will arrive at your home or office as required at the pre-decided time.

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Edgewood Electricians


Not all electricians Edgewood are adept in handling both commercial and residential electrical jobs. There is a difference in the scale of work and complexity in these jobs and therefore, you must call in electricians that are suitable to the job.

Rely on our electricians Edgewood for residential as well as commercial services. Our electricians are well trained and they keep upgrading their skills and knowledge pertaining to new products in the market so that they can provide services accordingly. Call our Edgewood electricians for the following services:

  • Circuit breaker box installation
  • Remodel electrical boxes
  • Conduct electrical upgrades
  • Rewiring

You can rest assured regarding the quality of work from our electricians as they are well-equipped with the latest tools and equipment.

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Edgewood Electrical Contractor


Finding a reliable electrical contractor Edgewood is important for electrical jobs as this is a matter of overall safety. Improper or loose connections by a novice electrician can result in short circuiting and fire. You must choose the Edgewood electrician after much research and reviewing.

Count on us as your Edgewood electrical contractor as we have gained our reputation after much hard work and commitment. Providing uncompromised high quality services, we are considered the best electrical contractor Edgewood for the following:

  • Electrical updates
  • Electrical inspections
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Surge protection

You can rely on us as the electrical contractor Edgewood to follow all electrical codes and regulations of the region. Our electrician uses only the best quality materials and products when repairing or replacing any electrical components.

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