Enumclaw Residential Electrician

Enumclaw Residential Electrician


If you require electrical work or general electric repair services our local residential electrician company is your best choice for reliable electrical solutions.

With our many years of experience in home electrical repair services we have a complete understanding of the needs of Enumclaw homeowners. From remodeling and upgrades to electrical rewiring and new installations our licensed electricians provide outstanding service and workmanship.

We pride ourselves in providing quick-response service for electrical work as well as 24-hour emergency service.

Our licensed electricians know how important it is to fulfill their responsibilities on time for projects such as:

  • Service work including rewiring an existing home to bring it to specifications
  • Adding power and lighting to your home
  • 24-hour emergency service when you lose power or heat
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Upgrading switches and outlets to maintain safety

Call us for more information about our wide range of home electrical services.

Enumclaw Electrical Work


When planning a home makeover or remodel it is a perfect time to upgrade your electrical system by including electrical work in construction scheduling.

These are a few warning signs that indicate a need for electrical improvements by a licensed residential electrician:

  • Your three prong plugs need two-prong adapters throughout the house
  • Overburdened receptacle outlets with multi-plug strips
  • Numerous small appliances and lamps connected to extension cords
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Frequent circuit breaker tripping

Our electricians are skilled in replacing old 60-amp services or under-capacity 100-amp services to accommodate air conditioners, additional appliances, high-tech home electronics, as well as many other home electrical repair services to ensure adequate power that is essential to electrical home safety.

Call us for an estimate for the cost of upgrading your electrical service or other electrical repair and improvements by a licensed residential electrician serving the Enumclaw area.

Enumclaw Electrical Repair


With the continuous advances in technology and the need for additional appliances and electronics it is essential to protect your family and valuable assets with timely home electrical repair services by a licensed residential electrician serving the Enumclaw community.

When an electrical system is malfunctioning you may be spending more on monthly expenses, or even worse, putting the safety of your family at risk. We highly recommend a periodic safety inspection of your electrical system by our professionally trained electricians to determine if electrical work or service upgrades are needed to protect your assets.

These are reasons to call us for an experienced residential electrician for new installations, a remodel, a service upgrade or preventative maintenance:

  • Skills, knowledge and years of experience of our licensed electricians
  • Guaranteed services
  • Quick response
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • High-quality electrical work at affordable costs
  • Timeliness, dependability and customer service excellence

Call Reinhart Electric for minor electrical services to major system installations that meet or exceed industry standards.(253) 218-4588