Kent Rewire a House

Rewire a House Kent


Robust, well-maintained and reliable electrical wiring in homes is essential for modern day living. There should be no hesitation at all to rewire a house that is aging and has a worn-out electric wiring system. Moreover, the property owner should not take a DIY approach or hire an uncertified electrician for the home rewire project.

Delay or negligence in a home rewire can have dire consequences, such as an electrical fire, electric shock, electric burns, and loss of life. Reinhart Electric is the expert to call when it is time to rewire a house in the Kent, WA area.

Here are the typical situations where our electricians are called in to rewire a house:

  • To upgrade an out-of-code electrical system
  • When there are frequent issues like blown fuses and flickering lights
  • For preparing an old house for sale

Home Rewire Kent


Even the most professionally installed house wiring cannot be expected to last forever. As needs of a family change with time, its impact can easily be seen on the electrical system of the house.

Increased power consumption and use of more, larger home appliances without carrying out appropriate home rewire leaves Kent families facing serious safety hazards and inconveniences in the use of their electrical system.

Calling us to rewire a house that is over 30 years old is not an option but a must-do. Hiring us for your home rewire project in Kent also brings you the peace of mind of working with licensed and bonded electrical contractors. In business since 1952, our electrical company has extensive experience in handling home rewire projects and completes them with:

  • Top-shelf products from GE, Siemens, Square D, and Cutler Hammer
  • Professional workmanship
  • Utmost diligence

Kent Kitchen Rewire


Our services are available for all big and small jobs for rewiring a house. We can come in to rewire a house completely or for replacing a section of home wiring. We are often hired for a kitchen rewire in Kent homes.

The kitchen is generally the most used part of a home. Call us for a kitchen rewire if you have started encountering frequent problems like burned-out light bulbs and blows fuses in the kitchen. We also do a kitchen rewire to facilitate the use of new appliances.

We can be trusted for:

  • Doing a kitchen rewire right, the first time
  • Completing the kitchen rewire job fast
  • Working for competitive prices

Call Reinhart Electric for a kitchen rewire or a complete home rewire in the Kent area. Call (253) 218-4588.