Knob and Tube Electrical Replacement

Renton Knob and Tube Wiring


What really is knob and tube wiring? Though it is old, there is no need to replace knob and tube wiring unless you are remodeling your house. If it is in original condition and fused properly it is best if you call us to come out and take a look at it.

It was an early standardized electrical wiring installation method used primarily in North America from about 1880 to 1930. The wires were suspended with porcelain knobs that helped in dissipating heat. The use of porcelain tubes provided additional protection of the wires by lining holes through the wooden floor joists.

This form of wiring is usually found in homes with older 60 amp services, and is now considered to be an obsolete system, but upon inspection, if knob and tube wiring is sound, it may not need to be replaced. We would be happy to inspect your knob and tube wiring and make a recommendation.

If your older home is currently wired with this system, we recommend getting it inspected by a certified electrician. Call Reinhart Electric for knob and tube wiring inspection services. 206-602-2202

Renton Knob and Tube


Its use is the oldest type of home wiring. It gets its name from cloth-covered wires connected with porcelain knobs for properly securing the wires. Porcelain tubes were used to protect the wires passing through studs or joists.

When questioning its safety, the answer is usually that it needs proper inspection and analysis prior to automatic replacement. It is an old type of wiring, but if it is in good condition, you may not need to replace this wiring.

We recommend wiring inspection as the best solution for safety from potentially faulty electrical wiring that includes:

  • Inspection and possible removal of the old wiring
  • Replacement of the entire system with new copper wiring
  • An upgrade to a 100 amp service or greater
  • Essential proper grounding and bonding, if needed

Even though your old system may seem to be working well, improper or unsafe alterations or splicing may have been made over the years creating a potential safety hazard. We recommend knob and tube wiring inspection as a safety precaution.

Renton Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement


If your vintage home was built before 1930 and still has its original wiring, as a safety precaution it may be wise to inspect it.

As professional electricians providing premier electrical services, you will receive:

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  • Complete knowledge of electrical systems and installations

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