Kent Arc Fault Breaker

Arc Fault Circuit Breaker Kent


Whether a residential or commercial property, electrical systems in all buildings need circuit-breakers and surge protectors to eliminate the risk of circuit overloads and electrical fire accidents. Installing an arc fault circuit breaker in your Kent, WA area building helps recognize arcing faults and interrupts the circuit which prevents fires.

Have you ever heard of AFCI breaker or arc-fault circuit interrupter? This device:

  • Provides overload protection
  • Prevents electrical fires
  • Averts short circuits

An AFCI is a product that is designed to detect arcing electrical faults to help reduce the electrical system from being the source of a fire. Arcs do not just happen. When you have an AFCI in place, sudden surges of power, or arcs, are detected and the AFCI “trips”. If an arc fault circuit breaker in your Kent area property has “tripped” call Reinhart Electric.

Fix Arc Fault Kent


Is your circuit breaker “tripping” often? Do not try to fix an arc fault in your Kent area property on your own. Call the experts at our office to inspect and access the problem. Chances are you may need an AFCI replacement. Ignoring the issue may lead to damage of appliances and accidents.

Without an arc fault circuit breaker your microwave, water heaters, furnace motor or other devices are in danger of overheating and creating a fire. Our skilled team of technicians is equipped to fix arc fault seamlessly. It is not a DIY job as:

  • It can be dangerous
  • Too hot to touch
  • A complex job

Professionals like us are trained to fix arc fault efficiently and safely.

Kent AFCI Installation


Certain Kent area residential and commercial properties are required to have arc fault circuit breaker or AFCI installations per the National Electrical Code. To have the work done correctly you need to work with an experienced electrical company such as ourselves.

Arc faults may happen in various situations like:

  • Worn out, damaged wires
  • Loose electrical connections
  • Overheated electrical wires

When an AFCI made by companies like Siemens or GE is installed in your home, you are well protected! New constructions have plenty of options to choose from as companies like Cutler Hammer and Square D and others offer different types of arc fault circuit breaker with advanced technology.

For arc fault circuit breaker installation in the Kent area call Reinhart Electric at 253-218-4588.