Tukwila Knob And Tube Replacement

Tukwila Knob and Tube Wiring


Do you need knob and tube wiring replacement services in Tukwila, WA to bring your home wiring up to the local electrical codes? Contact Reinhart Electric.

We are a leading, full-service electrical contractor who has been in business since 1952. Replacement of the now obsolete knob and tube wiring with new, properly grounded copper wiring is one of the specialized services we offer.

Knob and tube wiring was the first system of wiring installed in homes during the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. It had insulated wiring strung around porcelain knobs making a circuit, without any grounding conductor. Knob and tube wiring system worked earlier because:

  • There was limited power usage in homes
  • Homes had minimal electrical appliances
  • People had not yet realized the hazards of this system

With time, knob and tube wiring replacement in old Tukwila homes became necessary. Our professional services are available for homeowners who want to have this essential wiring upgrade done.

Tukwila Knob and Tube


Are you wondering why replacing knob and tube wiring in your Tukwila home is essential? The primary reason is that the system is ungrounded and is highly likely to cause electrical shock or electrocution.

Knob and tube wiring replacement in Tukwila homes is also advisable for several other reasons including:

  • The wiring is old and has degraded
  • These wires do not bear the average load or amperage in homes
  • Insulation around these easily heated wires is a major fire hazard
  • This wiring is not acceptable to most home insurance companies
  • Resale value of homes is affected

Tukwila Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement


Call us if you do not want to change the hazardous knob and tube wiring in your home. Replacement of this wiring is an important safety precaution that will protect your vintage home.

It is equally important to ensure that knob and tube wiring replacement in Tukwila homes is done by an experienced and well-equipped electrical company like us. Choosing us for the job means that the wiring replacement gets done:

  • By licensed, knowledgeable technicians
  • As quickly as possible
  • Diligently, without any oversight
  • With the correct new wiring

To learn more about how Reinhart Electric can help you with knob and tube wiring replacement in your Tukwila home, call (206) 602-2202.