Covington Dedicated Power Systems

Dedicated Power Systems Covington


For special electrical requirements, people choose to install dedicated power systems in their Covington, WA property. Hot tubs and pools in your outdoor space function best when you have dedicated power systems installed just for them.

Keep in mind that the wiring to these outdoor appliances will be affected by chlorine, salt water, and the elements. You need something to assure safety as well. The increased power demand is best tackled by dedicated power systems. Reinhart Electric began business 1952. We are one of the best service providers for installing dedicated power systems in the Covington area community.

We use products from the following manufacturers for enhanced safety and superior quality:

  • Cutler Hammer
  • Siemens
  • GE
  • Square D

Whole House Generator Covington


By getting a whole house generator for your Covington residence, you do not have to make the difficult choices of whether to run a large commercial-type refrigerator or a single air conditioner when there is a power outage situation in your area.

A whole house generator ranges in capacity between 22kW to 48kW. You will enjoy peace of mind by installing a whole house generator since it will make your house close to fully functional when there are electrical outages. The whole house generator has more benefits and features to consider than the usual standby generator.

Benefits of installing a whole house generator:

  • Fuel-efficient
  • Back up the whole house
  • Load management and reduced noise
  • A/C shedding options

Covington Generator


It is smart to install a backup generator for your Covington property to deal with power outages. It is important to have the system installed by professionals as improper wiring will result in back-feeding electricity. A transfer switch is needed and an expert will know how to install it to ensure optimum safety. Hire us when you are ready for a whole house generator and any kind of electrical work.

Reasons to get a whole house generator:

  • More powerful and larger engines than a standby generator
  • Liquid-cooled engines for longer run times without maintenance
  • Sophisticated programming for superior load management
  • Better fuel options like liquid propane, diesel and natural gas

We offer standby generators for sale as well. Choose from our collection of home generators per your individual needs.

Call Reinhart Electric at (253) 218-4588 to install dedicated power systems in your Covington property. We deal with installation, maintenance and repair of whole house generators.