Remodeling Services

Renton Remodeling Services


Home remodeling can be an expansive project that requires a lot of planning and a great deal of work. Repairing, replacing, upgrading, or adding electrical fittings is often an important part of the project. It is advisable to work with a certified and experienced contractor for the electrical remodeling services.

Reinhart Electric can complete the electrical work required for your home remodel project. We provide comprehensive electrical remodeling services in Renton, WA. The wide-ranging electrical work that our technicians can carry out during property renovations include:

  • Replacing the circuit breaker box
  • Extending the electrical system to a room addition
  • Installing new electrical appliances in the kitchen
  • Replacing old light fixtures with new, stylish ones
  • Installing recessed lighting in selected areas
  • Upgrading worn-out wiring

Call to us today to discuss your options for electrical remodeling services in Renton.

Renton Breaker Box


Breaker box replacement is a good investment when renovating an older building. For safety, consider new breaker panel installation for your home remodel project even if the electrical wiring in the building appears to be in good condition.

Older breaker boxes may not support the volume of elecriRenton needed for modern equipment and appliances, and can prove hazardous.

Call us to upgrade your breaker box in Renton. As one of the most common electrical remodeling services we provide, you can count on our expert electricians to give your renovated home a new breaker box that is:

  • Ideal for your present and future power needs
  • Installed seamlessly
  • Robust, reliable, and safe to use

Renton Electrical Work


We take pride in being an accomplished, ethical, and dependable electrical company. Our technicians realize that the quality of their electrical remodeling services can be the difference between life and death for our customers.

We provide electrical work in Renton homes that always matches the highest industry standards for precision and quality. Trust us to ensure the electrical work on your remodel job will be completed:

  • Up to code
  • With diligent attention to detail
  • Using top-grade materials

For electrical upgrades, repairs, and other electrical work in Renton for your home remodel, call Reinhart Electric at (425) 336-0046.