Panel Upgrades

Renton Electrical Panel


Your electrical panel is at the heart of the electric system installed in your property. It receives power from the utility company and distributes it to the electrical appliances and gadgets that you use.

Since 1952, our lower eastside customers have come to depend upon Reinhart Electric for their electrical panel requirements.

With rapid technological advancement leading to the increased usage of home comfort, entertainment & automation devices, and other electricity-powered equipment, many old and not-so-old homes have overloaded electrical panels.

They need an electrical panel upgrade to provide for the additional amperage required.

An out-of-date, insufficient electrical panel can cause several problems, including:

  • Flickering lights
  • Frequently blown fuses
  • Damaged appliances

Delayed electrical panel upgrade can even result in a fire. If you want to keep your loved ones and your property protected, call Reinhart Electric for an electrical panel upgrade today.

We carry out an electrical panel upgrade to meet increased electricity requirements and also offer an upgrade to replace a fuse-style panel with a circuit breaker panel.

Renton Circuit Breaker Panel


Fuse-based electrical systems are old technology. For some time now, a circuit breaker panel has commonly been used to ensure adequate, hassle-free and risk-free power supply throughout a property. The panel acts as a safety measure by stopping electric flow to a circuit when it overloads.

As an aware property owner, you should consider a circuit breaker panel not as an option, but a necessity.

A circuit breaker panel brings with it an array of benefits. Hiring our experts to install an electrical panel upgrade in your property is an investment that pays you many times over, because:

  • A circuit breaker panel protects the wiring from overheating and catching fire
  • A circuit breaker panel prevents appliances from burning-out
  • With a circuit breaker panel, your property enjoys lower insurance premiums
  • Having a circuit breaker panel boosts your property’s resale value

Renton Electrical Panel Upgrade


You must get an electrical panel upgrade to ensure that your electrical system can withstand the demand from your routine power consumption. However, it is equally important that you get the electrical panel upgrade done by qualified professionals like us who know the job inside-out.

We assure you of the right electrical panel upgrade services at the right price.  Our skilled and experienced electricians see to it that you get a proper upgrade by:

  • Carefully determining your current and future load requirements
  • Helping you choose a top-quality electrical panel
  • Installing the panel in compliance with applicable electric codes

For fast, efficient and safe electrical panel upgrade and circuit breaker panel installation, call Reinhart Electric at (425) 336-0046.