Covington Electric Multimeter

Electric Multimeter Covington


Are you building a commercial strip center or a new apartment complex in the Covington area? Have you selected the electrical company to install the electric multimeter center for your new building? Reinhart Electric in the Covington, WA area has developed a well-known name for quality electrical work in the area since 1952 when they opened for business.

Depending on the building you are constructing you will need either a residential rated multimeter or a commercial electric multimeter. Both of these are used when you want each tenant to have electricity that is metered specifically for them. Residential applications include small apartment complexes and condominiums. Commercial applications are found in strip malls or office buildings

The installation of multimeters requires the help of an electrician no matter the type of property. People have chosen us to work with because of our association with some of the best manufacturers of multimeters including:

  • Cutler-Hammer
  • Siemens
  • GE
  • Square D

Meter Stack Covington


The meter stack enclosure is generally made up of galvanized steel. This lasts longer because of its rust-proof feature. Meter stack is best for metering in Covington area duplexes, triplexes, apartment complexes because the modular element permits any number of sockets to fit a particular application. It is installed devoid of any fasteners to reduce or avoid the chance for hot spots.

There are separate covers in meter stacks to offer easy access to the tenant’s breaker wireway sections. This allows electrical work without troubling meters or meter covers. Get an expert to install meter stack in your Covington property.

Why choose meter stack?

  • Safe option
  • Versatile
  • Easy to install

We are always available to help you with any meter stack installation. Give us a call and discuss your needs about meters with our expert technicians.

Covington Meters


Electricity and electrical problems are something that you should not deal with on your own. The tiniest of mistake can prove fatal. Always hire a professional for any kind of electrical work in your residential or commercial property. It can mean the difference between a great job or lots of problems.

The same is applicable while installing meters in your Covington residence or office. We offer 24/7 service to take care of emergency situations with meters. Since 1952, we have been helping the business and residence owners with our meter services.

Hire our services for electrical meters because we are:

  • Bonded
  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Experienced and professional

Get in touch with Reinhart Electric at (253) 218-4588 when considering electrical meters and their components for your Covington area residence or business.