Kent Panel Upgrade

Kent Electrical Panel


We are frequently asked, “Should I upgrade my electrical panel?”

Certainly a fuse-based electrical system is not equipped to carry the increased usage of our many additional technological electronics and devices that result in overloaded panels. And even a circuit breaker panel does not have an unlimited life expectancy!

An old and even a not-so-old home needs an electrical panel upgrade to provide for the additional amperage used to supply increased electrical usage for comfort, entertainment, automated devices and other electricity-powered equipment.

These are signs that your panel may require updating:

  • Frequently blown fuses
  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping or circuit breaker won’t reset
  • Flickering lights
  • Damaged appliances

We highly recommend that property owners in Kent consider replacing a fuse-style panel with a circuit breaker panel installation as a necessity to ensure an adequate and risk-free power supply. Call us today!

Kent Circuit Breaker Panel


Older homes are generally built to handle 100 or fewer amps compared with newer homes that are equipped to handle 200 amps.

Because the electric panel is responsible for the amount of power moving into the circuits and being dispersed into the home, it is important to consider an electrical panel upgrade to handle the additional power of modern electronic households in Kent that may be twice the daily amount used less than ten years ago.

And even if you have an older circuit breaker panel, it may be experiencing wear from use, and may require a replacement to keep up with increased electrical demands.

These are a few benefits of an electrical panel upgrade for your home in Kent:

  • Quick reset to restore electricity
  • Protection of wiring from overheating and potential fire
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Prevention of premature appliance burn-out

Hiring our experts to install a panel upgrade is an investment that will pay you many times over. Call us today for an upgrade!

Kent Electrical Panel Upgrade


Most importantly we recommend an electrical panel upgrade to ensure that your electrical system can handle the routine power consumption in your household.

Installation of a new circuit breaker panel can ensure a risk-free power supply throughout your home by acting as a safety measure to stop electric flow to a circuit when it overloads.

As qualified professionals we know how to get the job done right and at the right price.

These are reasons to call us to replace circuit breaker panel or fuse-based installations:

  • Installation compliance with applicable electric codes
  • Examination and replacement of existing wiring where needed
  • Assistance in selection of proper size panel
  • Careful calculation of current and future load requirements
  • Licensed professional electricians
  • Dependable and courteous service

Call Reinhart Electric for immediate assistance or to schedule an appointment for a panel upgrade in Kent. (206) 602-2202