Covington Electrical Inspection

Covington Electrical Inspection


People take their electrical system for granted. They assume that all the electrical installations are in good condition because the fixtures and appliances are working fine. Many home and business owners wake up to the fact that they have defective, unsafe electrical wiring or installation around them only when some problem develops because of it.

At Reinhart Electric, we advise property owners to have a regular electrical inspection to assess the condition of their wiring and fixtures at their home or commercial property. Having a trained electrician check the home electrical system confirms that it is up to the NEC (National Electrical Code) and perfectly safe to use.

Call us for an electrical inspection of your Covington, WA area property to increase safety and peace of mind in your daily living. The electrical safety check by our technicians eliminates hazards created by:

  • Outdated wiring
  • Degraded wiring and electrical components
  • Oversized fuses or breakers
  • Undetected mistakes made previously by electricians or do-it-yourselfers

Covington Check Home Electrical


Another advantage of hiring our technicians to check your home electrical is savings in energy usage and expenses by ensuring an optimally performing electrical system. An electrical inspection by certified professionals is even required for fulfilling insurance risk assessment requirements.

There are also some specific times when an electrical inspection is recommended. You would do well to bring in our experts to check home electrical system in Covington upon:

  • Purchasing a property
  • Adding a new appliance
  • Having had a major home renovation

No matter for what reason you call on us to check your home electrical system, you can rest easy that our technicians will take a detail-oriented approach to the job. They work diligently and will carry out a thorough electrical inspection in your Covington property.

Covington House Wiring Safety Inspection


The house electrical safety inspection conducted by us involves a comprehensive check of the various components of the electrical system. The wide-ranging tasks performed by our electricians when they come to you to check your home electrical system in Covington include:

  • Verifying proper wattage of light bulbs
  • Confirming the grounding systems and validation of surge protection
  • Checking correct operation of electric fixtures, outlets
  • Testing of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Along with a detailed electrical inspection of your property, we assure you of honest advice for repairs, replacement or upgrades that improve the efficiency and reliability of the electrical system.

Looking for competent professionals to call to check home electrical system in Covington? Call Reinhart Electric at (253) 218-4588.