Rewire a House Newcastle

Newcastle Rewire a House


If you are planning to rewire a house in Newcastle, WA, reach out to Reinhart Electric. We are capable, affordable, and dependable electricians highly qualified to Newcastle rewire a house securely. As former Navy mechanics and electricians, we are rigorously trained to rewire a house with precision and efficiency. The electrical wiring in old properties is underprepared to handle all the appliances we use in current times.

To Newcastle rewire a house is a prudent decision that every homeowner should responsibly consider. When you rewire a house, you replace outdated, worn out, or faulty wiring that could otherwise become a serious fire hazard.

Our reputable team will Newcastle rewire a house in its entirety, or upgrade the wiring of a specific room:

  • Rewire full house
  • Basement rewire
  • Kitchen rewire
  • Partial rewire

Get in touch with Reinhart Electric if you are considering a Newcastle rewire a house project.

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Newcastle Residential Rewiring


In addition to optimizing the efficiency and safety of your electrical system, Newcastle residential rewiring upgrades your property to adhere to local regulations and code requirements. Residential rewiring is a wise investment to prevent electrical fires, which are a common consequence of malfunctioning electrical wiring. Many homeowners contract our Newcastle residential rewiring services when planning renovations to their old house, or after purchasing a property that was built some decades before.

Upon inspection, our certified electricians will assess whether a residential rewiring procedure is necessary. We are equipped with the latest technology to ensure your Newcastle residential rewiring is done expeditiously, causing no damage to your property or belongings.

Our specialized Newcastle residential rewiring services include:

  • Redo electrical
  • Upgrade old wiring
  • Replace electrical wiring
  • Rewire electrical panel
  • Rewire an outlet

Request an estimate from Reinhart Electric for our Newcastle residential rewiring services.

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Newcastle Kitchen Rewire


Our Newcastle kitchen rewire services are on high demand because cooking areas undergo continuous technological upgrades. Throughout the years, advances in cooking and refrigerating appliances have led to serious needs for Newcastle kitchen rewire procedures.

With a kitchen rewire you will modernize your kitchen with extra switches and outlets for new electronics, thus enhancing the functionality and convenience of the space. Besides, kitchens and other wet areas present a risk of electrocution which is why it is crucial to update your electrical system with a reliable Newcastle kitchen rewire team.

Our accessible and comprehensive Newcastle kitchen rewire services can be performed under any circumstances:

  • Rewire home with terrace
  • Rewire home with plaster walls
  • Rewire knob-and-tube house
  • Rewire aluminum wiring

Call Reinhart Electric to discuss your upcoming Newcastle kitchen rewire project.

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