Covington Electrical Code Update

Electrical Code Update Covington


Electrical repairs and upgrades are not DIY projects. When needing renovations, remodeling or beginning new building projects it is mandatory to adhere to the National Electrical Code and new regulations for electrical safety in homes, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Replacing old or outdated electrical systems with an electric code update in the Covington, WA area requires professional services from electric code update experts who are familiar with the changing codes. Reinhart Electric is a trusted electrical contractor employing knowledgeable technicians who understand electrical wiring and other electrical job requirements pertaining to Washington’s building code.

We have been serving Covington area residents since 1952 with superior services, helping them modernize electrical systems in their homes. Our skilled commercial technicians not only follow the WA building code properly but also ensure every work is done keeping in mind:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Meets safety inspections
  • To boost protection

WA Building Code Covington


Permits have to be acquired and rules are to be followed according to the WA building code in the Covington area while performing electric code update or installing new electrical systems in commercial or residential projects.

Just because most electrical systems are designed to sustain themselves does not mean one would overlook the electrical WA building code. Our electricians undergo rigorous training and have knowledge of electrical theories for handling electrical installations in new constructions of various styles. We work with:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Fulfillment of all local codes and regulations

Basic electrical wiring to an electric code update, no job is too big or small for us. We are electrical contractors providing comprehensive electrical services that fulfill the WA building code and local safety regulations. Call us for simple electrical repairs, upgrading circuit breaker panels or complex installations.

Covington Electrical Contractors


Electrical problems do not always come with prior warnings. Downtime in business due to electrical failures is never welcome. As your trusted electrical contractors in the Covington area, we are always prepared to:

  • Resolve your electrical issues
  • Provide high-quality services
  • Offer cost-effective services

In modern times, residential and commercial property owners lay greater emphasis on safety, upgrading facilities and sustainability. An electric code update for old or outdated electrical systems is a must. Allow us to do the job so that you have peace of mind.

For an electric code update in the Covington area, call Reinhart Electric (253) 218-4588. As professional electrical contractors, we provide electrical code updating in compliance with the WA building code at affordable costs.