Puyallup Panel Upgrade

Puyallup Electrical Panel


Having an outdated electric panel is one of the biggest hazards a homeowner can have to deal with.

It is essential that you call Reinhart Electric and get an electrical panel upgrade in your Puyallup, WA home if you do not want to suffer electrical shock, electric fire breakout, or electrical appliance burn-out.

A few signs indicating it is time to hire our electrical panel upgrade services for your home electrical system are:

  • Frequent flickering or burnt-out lights
  • Crackling sounds coming from the existing electric panel
  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping repeatedly
  • Inability to run two electric appliances simultaneously

We will send over highly knowledgeable, experienced, and sincere technicians to inspect the electrical service panel in your home. You can trust our professionals to recommend an electrical panel upgrade in your Puyallup home only if it is absolutely necessary.

Puyallup Circuit Breaker Panel


New home construction these days generally includes new circuit breaker panel installation. Also, an increasing number of older homes are upgrading from a fuse-style panel to a circuit breaker panel.

Puyallup residents who have their homes powered using a circuit breaker panel can rest assured that their home will:

  • Attract lower insurance premiums and higher resale value
  • Have fewer electric circuit overloading issues
  • Are spared the tedious task of fixing blown fuses

The tripped breakers in a circuit breaker panel can be easily reset with the flip of a switch. Actually, with the installation of a suitably-sized circuit breaker panel, Puyallup homeowners will not have broken electrical circuits and tripped circuit breakers in the first place!

Puyallup Electrical Panel Upgrade


We are one of the best people to call to replace your circuit breaker panel and carry out electrical panel upgrade in your Puyallup home. Why? Because our services combine the best in products, workmanship, pricing, and customer support.

When you call our licensed and bonded company for electrical panel replacement and upgrade in your home, you should relax in the knowledge that the:

  • Job will be entrusted to competent and dependable electricians
  • Circuit breaker panel wiring will be done correctly
  • Entire panel upgrades will be done according to local codes
  • Price charged for the job will be fair and competitive
  • Safe, incident-free job completion will be a top priority

Look no further than Reinhart Electric when you need home electrical panel upgrade services in the Puyallup area. Call (206) 602-2202.