Fife Panel Upgrades

Fife Electrical Panel


An electrical panel is part of the electricity supply system in a home or commercial property. It separates the electrical power to various parts of the home through the use of circuit breakers.

Only an experienced and certified electrical company should work on electrical panels.Reinhart Electric is an experienced electrical company that can install and service electrical panels for Fife, WA residents and business owners.

We also provide electrical panel upgrades to allow you to add to your electric requirements for your home. Our team is comprised of licensed electricians who you can trust to handle all your electrical needs.

There are various panels used in homes and businesses today. Below are some types of panels used commonly today:

  • Circuit breaker panel
  • Lug panel
  • Subpanel

Fife Circuit Breaker Panel


An electrical circuit breaker panel is the main distribution of electricity whether at your residential or commercial property. We provide circuit breaker panel installation and repair services in Fife with a team of well-trained professionals.

Our circuit breaker panel services in Fife include repairs, maintenance, new installation, and inspection. The decision of selecting the panel size depends upon the usage of power. Our team can help you with deciding on the most suitable panel for you.

Apart from panel service, we provide various other services which include installing and replacing:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Surge protectors
  • Knob and tube electrical replacement

You can count on us for any of your residential or commercial electrical needs.

Fife Electrical Panel Upgrade


Electrical panel upgrade is a consideration when you find you do not have adequate electrical service to your home or business. Upgrading your electric panel will also help prevent electrical fires in your property.

We provide electrical panel upgrade in Fife for any type or size of the property. We are a team of licensed contractors who work within all the mandatory codes and regulations within the area you live in.

It is important that you have your panel upgrade done by professionals because of the risks involved. Some of the reasons to consider having an electrical panel upgrade include:

  • Faulty wiring issues
  • Fuses are used in your electrical panel
  • Frequent tripping of your circuit breaker
  • High usage of extension cords

Our team can assist you in selecting the best panel matching your requirements and electric usage. Call us with any questions you may have about electrical panels.

Call Reinhart Electric at (253) 343-0089 for electrical panel upgrade or the installation of circuit breaker panels in Fife.