Fairwood Panel Upgrade

Fairwood Electrical Panel


An electrical panel upgrade in your Fairwood, WA home is critically necessary when the power needs of your family increase and seem to be straining the existing electric panel. At Reinhart Electric, we want you to be proactive and not wait for sparks to fly or a home electrical fire to break out before realizing this!

Are you wondering, “When should I upgrade my electrical panel?” Let us help you by listing a few signs that indicate that your home electric panel is out-of-date.

Call us for an electrical panel upgrade in your Fairwood home when you observe symptoms like:

  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping too frequently
  • Lights dim or flicker when an electric appliance is used
  • You often use extension cords because electrical outlets aren’t available
  • Crackling sounds come from the panel

Whether your home needs a switch from a fuse style panel to a circuit breaker panel or installation of additional circuit breakers, we can do it all.

Fairwood Circuit Breaker Panel


Technology advancements have brought about major improvements in the electric panel that is at the heart of a home electrical system and determines how much power can be supplied to that house.

While the older electrical systems used a fuse box panel, now a circuit breaker panel is more common. A circuit breaker panel upgrade in your Fairwood home allows you to:

  • Get an electrical system adequate for modern-day power needs
  • Be free from circuit overloading problems
  • Benefit from safer and hassle-free use of electricity

Opting for a circuit breaker panel in your Fairwood home brings you additional benefits of lower insurance premiums and higher resale value, as well.

Just like fuses, circuit breakers protect the home from hazards caused by overloaded circuits. But, unlike fuses, tripped circuit breakers are easily re-set.

Fairwood Electrical Panel Upgrade


It is necessary to upgrade to a circuit breaker panel from a fuse box panel or replace a circuit breaker panel that is worn-out, as these can pose safety risks.

However, it is equally important to ensure that you get the desired home electric panel replacement or electrical panel upgrade in Fairwood done by a qualified, experienced and dependable electrical contractor.

For complete peace of mind, hire us for your electrical panel upgrade. We:

  • Have been in business since 1952
  • Employ well-trained and diligent electricians
  • Are licensed and bonded

Want to upgrade to a circuit breaker panel in your Fairwood home? Call Reinhart Electric at (206) 602-2202.