Electrical Safety Inspection

Renton Electrical Safety Inspection


An electrical safety inspection involves a thorough check-up of the complete electrical system on any property.

Because we have serviced customers in the lower eastside since 1952, we know that with time and use, all electrical installations tend to deteriorate.

A periodic electrical inspection is necessary to examine and assess the condition of your electrical system because:

  • Electrical inspection ensures the safe working of fixtures
  • Electrical safety inspection spots defective or degraded wiring
  • Electrical safety inspection reveals electrical hazards
  • Inspection detects improper earthing or bonding

Thus, electrical inspection ascertains whether the electrical system is good for continued use or hides any potentially dangerous electrical hazards.

It is important that an electrical safety inspection be carried out only by licensed professionals. Reinhart Electric is a competent electrical contractor you can hire for accurate and reliable electrical inspection.

Renton Electrical Inspection


Many people avoid having an electrical inspection done to find the electrical hazards they may be constantly surrounded by, until an electrical problem occurs. We advise you to be more proactive and make full use of our top-notch electrical safety inspection services.

We offer electrical inspection services for homes and business properties. Give us a call when you need:

  • Regular electrical inspection to keep your property free from hazards
  • Inspection after renovating your property or installing appliances
  • Electrical safety inspection in a property you plan to buy

We conduct a detailed inspection and provide an electrical inspection report that lists any potential electrical hazards, along with the recommended repairs and upgrades.

Renton Electrical Hazards


Electrical hazards, such as damaged wire insulation and poor earthing, cause hundreds of accidental electrocution deaths annually throughout the U.S. Overloaded circuits, low-quality electrical equipment and misuse of electrical products are examples of electrical hazards that lead to fire injuries and heavy property damage.

You should call us for electrical safety inspection before it is too late. Our electrical inspection experts are aware of all possible electrical hazards around your home or business place. They conduct the inspection meticulously so that all potential electrical hazards are detected and corrected in time.

Our timely and thorough electrical safety inspection protects you from electrical hazards and helps you to:

  • Live and work in peace
  • Use your electrical equipment confidently
  • Maintain a fully-compliant property
  • Reduce your personal and financial risk

Keep your property free from electrical hazards. Call Reinhart Electric at (425) 336-0046 for professional electrical safety inspection services.