Burien Panel Upgrade

Burien Electrical Panel


The electrical service panel installed in your home should be robust and equipped to handle the power load required throughout the property.

In case you have an outdated or insufficiently-sized electric panel, your property and its inhabitants could be exposed to hazards like electric shock and fire breakout.

If you continue without an electrical panel upgrade and don’t install a properly-sized circuit breaker panel, you might even end up with burnt-out electrical appliances.

Call Reinhart Electric if you need electrical panel upgrade services in Burien, WA. We can:

  • Remove your fuse box and install a circuit breaker electric panel
  • Replace your old circuit breaker panel with one that has more circuit breakers
  • Connect outlets for heavy-duty appliances directly to the main electric panel

We make sure that the electrical panel upgrade in your Burien home is carried out with the utmost care and completed seamlessly.

Burien Circuit Breaker Panel


Investing in the installation of a good quality, properly-sized circuit breaker panel assures Burien homeowners of comfortable and safe daily living, with minimal electrical system troubles.

Call us now if you are still using a fuse style panel to power your home.

Upgrading from a low-amp, old-technology fuse box to a circuit breaker panel brings Burien residents a number of benefits. These include:

  • Decrease in electrical issues in the home
  • Hassle-free use of modern electrical gadgets
  • Reduced home insurance premiums
  • Improved resale value of the property

Hire our services for electrical panel replacement in your home.

We help you make an accurate assessment of your present as well as expected future power needs. After that, our skilled technicians make sure that an ideally-suited circuit breaker panel is installed in your home in a proper manner.

Burien Electrical Panel Upgrade


There are several electrical contractors out there that you can hire to carry out an electrical panel upgrade in your Burien home. What makes us one of the better choices for the job is that we are a family-owned and operated company that has been in the business since 1952.

We know all that goes into completing every panel upgrade job to the highest precision levels and utmost customer satisfaction.

We ensure:

  • Prompt scheduling of the panel upgrade job
  • Flawless installation of circuit breaker panel wiring
  • Fast job completion
  • Affordable pricing
  • Unobtrusive work; we respect the privacy of the customer
  • Job site cleanup before leaving

To know about electrical panel upgrade cost and other queries, Burien homeowners can call Reinhart Electric at (206) 602-2202.