Kent Knob And Tube Replacement

Kent Knob and Tube Wiring


From the 1880s up to 1930, knob and tube electrical wiring was the common system used in homes. This method has ungrounded wiring and was good enough for a time when not too many electrical gadgets were around. It only worked then because not much amperage was required in average homes.

However, as better and more electric appliances were introduced into daily living, more advanced technologies were used to build home electrical systems. If you live in an old home that has an outdated wiring system, get in touch with Reinhart Electric immediately for knob and tube wiring replacement.

In Kent, WA, continuing to live with an obsolete system and aged wiring is neither safe nor convenient. We offer the services of highly skilled and seasoned electricians for knob and tube wiring replacement in Kent homes.

The job done by our experts includes:

  • Removing or disconnecting the old wiring
  • Putting in new wiring
  • Installing an electric panel with ample amperage for modern lifestyles

Kent Knob and Tube


Installation of new knot and tube wiring has largely been discontinued in the U.S. and permitted only in limited situations. Meanwhile, people are advised to seek knob and tube wiring replacement for their Kent homes. Doing so can help make the property safer and also allow the entire family hassle-free use of their many electrical devices that are now essential to daily living.

Replacement with a superior electrical system also eliminates a number of knob and tube wiring dangers in Kent homes, such as:

  • Chances of shocks and appliance damage due to lack of ground wire
  • Frequent electrical problems due to an overloaded system
  • Risk of fire from overheated wires that are no longer insulated
  • Denial of insurance coverage

Kent Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement


Knob and tube wiring replacement in a Kent home is a major electric system upgrade. As such, it demands the attention of a top-rated contractor and competent electricians. Our licensed and bonded full-service electric company is one of the best places to call if you are planning to get your knob & tube home wiring replaced.

We have been in business since 1952 and have countless wiring replacement jobs behind us. Our technicians are trained to rewire homes with:

  • Care and precision
  • Minimal damage to ceilings and walls
  • Total compliance with the local codes
  • Quality materials

Trust Reinhart Electric for seamless and affordable knob and tube wiring replacement services in Kent. Call (206) 602-2202.