Rewire a house Fife

Rewire a House Fife


If you are experiencing electrical issues in your old home, then you need to call in expert electrical contractors who can rewire a house in Fife, WA. Houses built prior to the 1970’s have old wiring and might not be able to bear the burden of the additional electrical equipment being used.

Get in touch with Reinhart Electric to rewire a house in Fife. We are an established company and have been offering residential rewiring in Fife and the surrounding areas since 1952. Call us when you need to rewire a house in Fife, which includes:

  • Kitchen rewire
  • Partial rewire
  • Whole house rewire
  • Rewire single room

Trust our skilled residential electrician for efficient house wiring. We can provide you an estimate of the cost to rewire a house prior to beginning work.

Call Reinhart Electric to rewire a house in Fife!

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Residential Rewiring Fife


You must rely on a qualified and experienced residential electrician when you need residential rewiring in Fife. This is so because the rewiring work requires expertise in ascertaining the power requirements of the house which determines the wiring that must be done.

Rely on us for complete residential rewiring in Fife as we have successfully handled countless similar projects in the past. We never consider any rewiring task too big or small. Whether you require full rewiring or partial, we work with equal dedication and commitment.

Call us for residential rewiring in Fife which may include the following projects:

  • New electric panel
  • Replace electric panel
  • Rewire kitchen
  • Rewire for remodel

Trust us for using the best quality wires and cables when working on any residential rewiring project in Fife.

Call Reinhart Electric for residential rewiring in Fife!

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Kitchen Rewire Fife


The addition of new appliances makes it essential to get a kitchen rewire in Fife. Any kitchen remodel project will also require kitchen rewire work as this will help you use the newly added lighting and appliances with ease.

Count on us for complete kitchen rewire work in Fife. We have skilled and trained electricians who know all about rewiring a kitchen. Call us to complete kitchen rewire work in Fife, which includes the following:

  • Kitchen island electrical wiring
  • Rewiring water heater
  • Wiring kitchen outlets
  • Range hood electrical wiring

We adhere to all applicable codes when working on any wiring or electrical project in Fife.

Call Reinhart Electric for kitchen rewire service in Fife!

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