Rewire a House Renton

Renton Rewire a House


Looking for a trusted company to rewire a house in Renton, WA or the surrounding area? Your search ends with Reinhart Electric. We are a trusted name for electrical work, and we can Renton rewire a house with minimal hassle. We are a seasoned company with the best electricians who you can trust to Renton rewire a house with utmost safety measures in place. They have been hired countless times before to Renton rewire a house and perform at their best.

We also offer other electrical services besides Renton rewire a house. Some of these services our company provides includes:

  • Home Lighting Design
  • Knob & Tube Electrical Inspection
  • Lighting Energy
  • Panel Upgrades

Call Reinhart Electric to book professionals in Renton to rewire a house:

(425) 336-0046

Renton Residential Rewiring


Old houses or buildings with worn-out wires and electric cables are at risk of catching fire or pose a threat of electric shock to people living in them. Hire us to inspect your homes, and if the need arises, we can provide you a complete Renton residential rewiring. We are a professional company with seasoned experts for Renton residential rewiring jobs. Also, before starting the Renton residential rewiring work, we secure the work area for the safety of your family.

Some people put the lives of their family and loved ones at risk by hiring inexperienced companies or electricians for Renton residential rewiring work. We are against a makeshift Renton residential rewiring as it is a complex job, but once done right, it can last for years to come without having to call any electrical service for repairs.

In addition to Renton residential rewiring work, we provide other expert services such as:

  • Remodeling Services
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Providing Electrical Estimates
  • Mobile Generators

Call Reinhart Electric for quality Renton residential rewiring work.

(425) 336-0046

Renton Kitchen Rewire


If your kitchen appliances keep malfunctioning, then you may need a Renton kitchen to rewire. Faulty wires or old cables tend to cause electric leakages, causing an electrical surge that is not only bad for your appliances, but can be very dangerous. Call us for a quick inspection and Renton kitchen rewire job, and you will be amazed by how swiftly and proficiently we do our work. Plus, we adhere to our professional ethics and offer Renton kitchen rewire when necessary. Also, while executing the Renton kitchen rewire, we keep future possibilities in mind and do the work accordingly. Get in touch to know more about our various electrical services.

We offer a multitude of services in addition to the Renton kitchen rewire job, which includes:

  • Car Charger Installation
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Safety Inspection
  • Surge Protector
  • Installing Smoke Detectors

For a safe Renton kitchen rewire job, call Reinhart Electric on the number below.

(425) 336-0046