Renton Generator Transfer Switch


Do not wait for the storm to hit to request a mobile generator transfer switch.

In power outage situations, you may need to install a back-up mobile generator to provide back-up electricity for your entire home, or most of it, where your appliance remains plugged into the wall sockets and electricity flows through the house wiring. This requires careful installation involving a mobile generator and special wiring.

Avoid the danger of back-feeding – use a transfer switch.

Renton Standby Generators


If the mobile generator is not properly wired into the home there is a danger of back-feeding electricity into the electrical company system. This is very dangerous and could result in serious injury or death to anyone coming into contact with electric lines while working to restore power in an emergency.

To provide this type of installation as safely as possible, a transfer switch must be installed that will break the connection to the electric company’s service when the mobile generator is in use and, similarly, disconnect the mobile generator connection normal power has been restored.

Renton Transfer Switch for Generator


This switch is normally located between your home’s main service panel and the power sources. Single phase electric service requires a two pole, double throw switch. Three phase service requires a three pole, double throw switch. Installation must be performed by a licensed electrician and must conform to the National Electric Code.

We do not offer Standby Generator services.