Enumclaw Knob And Tube Replacement

Enumclaw Knob and Tube Wiring


It’s interesting to note that the original purpose of knob and tube wiring was limited to lighting because appliances and other electronics were not yet available.

While this wiring system was a wonderful invention and great for the intended purpose of lighting, there are numerous reasons to have it inspected if your home in Enumclaw is dependent on this type of electrical system:

  • Two-stranded wiring lacks a grounding conductor
  • The wiring lacks sufficient capacity to meet the demands of a modern home
  • Most insurance companies refuse to insure a home with K&T wiring

We specialize in removing and replacing knob and tube wiring and have years of experience in working on vintage homes including those in Enumclaw that require special care for historical preservation.

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Enumclaw Knob and Tube


Residents of Enumclaw are proud of their rich heritage dating back to the mid-1880’s including vintage homes that may to this day rely on an open wire electrical system.

While the cost to replace knob and tube wiring may create hesitation in the minds of homeowners, there are many important reasons for considering knob and tube wiring replacement, such as:

  • Improved safety by reducing potential fire risk
  • Required grounding of appliances and fixtures for safety reasons
  • Increased resale value of your home
  • Overcoming inability to acquire insurance coverage

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Enumclaw Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement


When considering knob and tube wiring replacement with modern wiring for your home in Enumclaw, we highly recommend engaging the services of a licensed electrician that is familiar with its unique installation to avoid the possibility of creating a spark among the tinder dry attic beams.

Removal of old open wiring and complete replacement of the entire system with new copper wiring to meet current state regulations and local codes is the best option for meeting current household usage and to plan for future additions.

These are reasons to call us for removing open K&T wiring installations:

  • Our licensed electricians are experienced in safe removal and replacement methods
  • Assurance of meeting or exceeding state and local regulations and electrical codes
  • Guaranteed services
  • Trustworthiness and reliability of a family-owned business
  • Extreme care in dealing with older vintage homes to preserve their history

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