Auburn Panel Upgrade

Auburn Electrical Panel


An electrical panel that is out-of-date, worn or does not meet current building codes may be a major safety risk because there is the possibility of overheating which could result in a fire.

If your existing panel uses fuses rather than circuit breakers, or if your existing circuit breaker panel is more than a decade old we recommend an electrical panel upgrade.

For added protection to your home in Auburn, check the fuse box or circuit breaker panel for the date of your last inspection. We also recommend checking for potential sources and causes of electrical fires, such as:

  • Dim or flickering lights
  • Use of far too many extension cords
  • Sparking from a panel, fuse box or outlet
  • Hot switch plates or outlets
  • Strange odors from an outlet, fuse box or breaker panel
  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping or circuit breaker won’t reset

Call us today for an inspection of your existing panel. Even older breaker panels are a concern because mechanical and electrical components eventually deteriorate with age.

Auburn Circuit Breaker Panel


With the rapid progression of technology commonly used today in homes, our many electronic gadgets and appliances can easily overload the existing electrical system causing issues and even hazards easily prevented with an electrical panel upgrade.

We are commonly asked by homeowners in Auburn if they should upgrade from a fuse panel to a circuit breaker panel system. The bottom line answer is that fuse-based wiring systems are simply not designed to carry the electrical load of our modern electronic household.

These are a few of the benefits of an electrical panel upgrade to a circuit breaker box:

  • Ability to handle modern electronic loads without overload problems
  • Home insurance premium advantages
  • Quick and efficient reset to restore electricity
  • Higher resale value
  • Protection of wiring from overheating and catching fire

If you have made the decision to upgrade your electrical system to circuit breakers call us for professional and licensed electrical contractor services for residents of Auburn.

Auburn Electrical Panel Upgrade


We cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of replacing a fuse-based wiring system or aged circuit breaker panel with an electrical panel upgrade.

Not only is it important to install a circuit breaker panel by qualified and licensed professionals such as us for safety reasons, but we can also determine if your wiring is the right material and properly installed.

These are reasons to call us to upgrade your electrical panel in Auburn:

  • Installation will comply with applicable electric codes
  • Careful calculation of current and future load requirements
  • Repair of existing wiring and conduit replacement where necessary
  • Elimination of split circuits and sub panels with new lines

Call Reinhart Electric to install your electrical service upgrade to meet the highest safety and professional standards and codes by experienced and licensed electricians. (206) 602-2202