Rainier Valley Electrician

Rainier Valley Electrician


If you have been looking for a family owned electrical company or reliable electrician in Rainier Valley, WA, your search is over! Reinhart Electric has built a superb reputation by providing quality electricians to Rainier Valley residents, and our reputation is boosted by our 1-year guarantee period.

As a successful business established in 1952, our electricians in Rainier Valley have been providing meticulous services for residential and commercial properties. Every electrician in our Rainier Valley company was taught to deal with major and minor electrical problems during their 3 to 5 year apprenticeship, where they learned under a master electrician. This makes each and every one of our electricians:

  • Trained and well-rounded craftsmen
  • Experts of every phase of electrical installation
  • Able to perform any kind of electrical work or repair

With such a reputation and a high standard for our electricians, it is easy to choose Reinhart Electrical for your Rainier Valley electrical needs.

Rainier Valley Electrical Contractors


Our company is bonded, insured, and licensed. Our electrical contractors in Rainier Valley render services relating to repair, installation, maintenance and improvement, and all large-scale electrical installations demand their utmost skill and attention.

Our electrical contractors give equal amounts of respect to minor electrical problems as well, and will fix whatever problems a Rainier Valley customer is experiencing. It is important that you always choose registered electrical contractors because you get legal protection and the likelihood of subpar work decreases.

Our electrical contractors provide services like:

  • Underground installation
  • Electrical wiring and repair for retail stores, offices, and corporate buildings
  • Private home repairs and remodels

With our guaranteed work and extensive experience, it is easy to understand why so many people in Rainier Valley return to Reinhart Electric for all their electrical needs.

Rainier Valley Electricians


Reinhart Electric and our electricians in Rainier Valley guarantee affordable and fair pricing to our customers. Whether you are upgrading, remodeling, or repairing your home or office, we always make sure that our electricians in Rainier Valley stay within your budget and provide the best service possible.

We even offer a guarantee of services for a one-year period, something that very few electricians provide in Rainier Valley. We can safely say that we are a step above other electricians in the area, as we also provide electricians for emergencies.

No matter what hour of the day it is, our 24/7 emergency service is always there for you. Our emergency electricians:

  • Offer upfront pricing that is fair
  • Make necessary repairs only
  • Never leave any kind of mess behind

Trust Reinhart Electric in Rainier Valley today, and join our list of happy customers.

Electrical contractors with Reinhart Electric provide assistance for all kinds of electrical problems. Call (253) 218-4588 to get our best electrician to solve your electrical issues in Rainier Valley.