Rainier Valley Panel Upgrade

Rainier Valley Electrical Panel


Your electrical service panel is at the heart of your residential electrical system. It not only distributes electricity to all outlets in your home, it also protects against circuit overloading. If your home’s electrical system is old and unable to handle increased power demands, consider an electrical panel upgrade for your Rainier Valley, WA home.

Some more reasons to get an electrical panel upgrade include:

  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping
  • Hearing unusual cracking sounds from the panel
  • Planning to add a major appliance, such as a hot tub

Reinhart Electric is your full-service electrical contractor for your electrical panel upgrade needs in Rainier Valley. Besides increasing the amperage, an upgraded electrical service panel will also provide peace of mind that your home and your family are protected.

Rainier Valley Circuit Breaker Panel


While the primary benefit of a circuit breaker panel is its capability to handle many electrical devices without overloading, there are a few other benefits, too. One of the biggest reasons to upgrade from a fuse to circuit breaker panel is home insurance. Another advantage is that a circuit breaker panel also adds to a home’s value.

If you need to install or replace a circuit breaker panel in Rainier Valley, attempting a DIY job can be dangerous. We have the experience and skills to get circuit breaker panel replacement and installation done correctly the first time. We also know how to comply with the local codes while doing so. We are known for:

  • Our trained electricians
  • Competitive pricing
  • Great customer service

Rainier Valley Electrical Panel Upgrade


An electrical service panel upgrade is often required to increase the capacity of a home’s electrical system. With so many new and modern electrical devices and appliances in our homes, older panels simply do not have adequate power to meet the increased demand.

Our licensed electricians can help you with an electrical panel upgrade in Rainier Valley. We use the highest quality tools and materials to upgrade electrical service panels. Our goal is to ensure your electrical service panel works in a safe and trouble-free manner for years to come.

A few benefits to choosing us for electrical panel upgrade in Rainier Valley include:

  • Our easy scheduling that works around your life
  • Clean, tidy work areas
  • Our outstanding safety record

To schedule an electrical panel upgrade for your Rainier Valley home, please call Reinhart Electric on (206) 602-2202 today.