Sumner Knob And Tube Replacement

Sumner Knob and Tube Wiring


If you have knob and tube wiring in your home or building you need to consider replacing that outdated wiring. Finding the right electrician to install wiring replacement can be a challenge.

Reinhart Electric is the right name to remember for knob and tube wiring replacement in Sumner, WA.

This type of an electrical wiring system can be concealed or hidden. If you have purchased an older home call our electricians for a thorough inspection.

Any home or building built between 1880 and 1930 should be inspected thoroughly for knob and tube wiring. We offer:

  • Professional inspection
  • Latest tools and equipment
  • Quality wiring replacement
  • Complete satisfaction

Sumner Knob and Tube


A small percent of homeowners who have knob and tube wiring installed may not face any problems but, at the end of the day, is it really worth the risk?

Outdated electrical wiring cannot handle modern power demands. Replacing electrical wiring now will pay dividends in the long run. With knob an tube wiring replacement, Sumner property owners can prevent:

  • Blown fuses
  • Tripped breakers
  • Safety risks

If you are in need of a professional electrician to take care of your knob and tube wiring replacement needs Sumner, count on us to get the job done right, the first time around.

Our goal is to deliver to each of our clients a quality knob and tube wiring replacement service in Sumner. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the excellent results and the safety that you deserve.

Sumner Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement


Homes and buildings with knob and tube systems are more likely to experience an electrical fire. Knob and tube wiring was most commonly used for electrical wiring between 1880 and 1930 and is not permitted in any newly constructed buildings.

Knob and tube wiring dangers include:

  • Ungrounded wires may cause electrical shock
  • Exposed wires may overheat, fail, or spark a fire
  • Insurance companies may deny coverage

If you are buying or selling your property, contact us for professional knob and tube wiring replacement in Sumner. We have the skills, knowledge, and experience to replace the electrical wiring in a prompt and efficient manner.

For more information, or to schedule a knob and tube wiring replacement in the Sumner area, call Reinhart Electric at (206) 602-2202.