Covington Knob And Tube Replacement

Covington Knob and Tube Wiring


As one of the great inventions in history, knob and tube wiring was the delivery system for electricity to homes and commercial businesses between 1880 and 1930.

This wiring method was installed by using porcelain tubes to hold wires in proper position acting as protective cases for wires traveling through joists with attachment to the joists and wall studs via knobs.

While many older homes of that era still depend on knob and tube as their primary wiring system there are some substantial disadvantages:

  • Its two-stranded wiring does not include a ground or bond wire
  • Susceptible to physical damage
  • Potential for fires because of greater current flow than wires can handle
  • Load demand limitations

Covington may be considered a relatively new city, but the rich history and spirit of the area extends back some 100+ years suggesting that some homes may rely on this wiring method.

If you have an older home in the Covington community and want to learn more about its wiring system call us for a wiring inspection by our licensed electricians to determine if upgrading is recommended.

Covington Knob and Tube


We specialize in replacing knob and tube wiring services using great care to protect vintage homes in the Covington area.

Our knob and tube wiring replacement services include inspections by licensed electricians, cost-effective wiring removal and replacement, and assessments for insurance purposes.

The following includes a few important reasons to consider replacement of this wiring system in your vintage home:

  • No ground wire for excess charge
  • Usually restricted to a 60-amp service
  • Potential fire hazard when insulation is added on top of this wiring system
  • Wire insulation degradation due to heat and critters

While some owners of older vintage homes consider this type of wiring system to be superior to current wiring practices, it is important to understand that it may pose a serious fire risk to homeowners.

Call us to explore your options for replacing it.

Covington Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement


One of the main reasons for removing and replacing this original form of wiring system is that it has no ground or bonding wire connected to receptacles, lights and switches.

There are other important reasons to call us for knob and tube wiring replacement for your home in the Covington area:

  • Extensive experience of our licensed electricians
  • Trustworthiness and dependability of a family-owned and operated business
  • Assurance that we meet or exceed state and local regulations and electrical codes
  • Superior results with guaranteed services
  • Years of experience in removing and replacing old K&T wiring
  • Services that include a complete wiring inspection by licensed electricians

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