Electrical Upgrades

Renton Electrical Upgrades


Besides periodic electrical maintenance and timely electrical repairs, electrical upgrades are necessary for ensuring an efficient and safe electricity supply in your home or business place.

Reinhart Electric has been serving lower eastside customers since 1952. The need for electrical upgrades in any property is always required sooner or later.

Property owners often have upgrades in order to replace outdated electrical outlets and fixtures or to comply with updated codes.

Electrical maintenance through electrical upgrades becomes a necessity when aging switches and outlets wear-out and break. Meanwhile, upgrades to breakers and new outlet installation are also required when your electricity needs increase. Thus:

  • Electrical upgrades help expand & modernize the electrical system
  • Electrical upgrades restore the electrical system’s safety
  • Electrical upgrades bring the electrical system up to date

No matter why you want electrical upgrades, hire Reinhart Electric to ensure the work is carried out flawlessly.

Renton Electrical Maintenance


Regular electrical maintenance is crucial for keeping the electrical system in any residential or commercial property in good working condition. Using us for maintenance work helps keep your property, family, employees and clients protected.

We offer comprehensive electrical maintenance services. During our maintenance work, our skilled electricians check different components of your electrical system, including:

  • GFCIs
  • AFCIs
  • Receptacles and switches

Our electrical maintenance specialists deliver honest and professional services. We conduct all electrical maintenance work with a keen eye and never rush through the job. Our careful electrical maintenance services detect all potential electrical shock and fire risks, allowing suitable electrical repairs or electrical upgrades to be made.

Call us for electrical maintenance now to prevent dangerous situations from arising later on!

Renton Electrical Repairs


Even the smallest of electrical issues must be dealt with right away with appropriate electrical repairs. Since handling electrical wiring is fraught with danger, you should only get your repairs done by qualified professionals like us.

We specialize in performing all sorts of simple and complex electrical repairs, and can conduct electrical repairs for both residential and commercial electrical systems. When we do your repairs, rest assured your property is in safe hands.

To make sure that your electrical repairs are completed with precision, we:

  • Put trained and experienced electricians to work
  • Use the latest technology to perform electrical repairs
  • Complete the electrical repairs using top-quality electrical products & materials

Choose only proven experts when you need electrical maintenance, electrical upgrades or electrical repairs. Call Reinhart Electric at (425) 336-0046.