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Beacon Hill Remodeling Services


Are you looking for a company that offers electrical remodeling services near Beacon Hill, WA? Then we suggest you reach out to us at Reinhart Electric. We can take on every type of electrical work for clients, whether they have a residential building or a commercial one in Beacon Hill.

Our remodeling services can also be used if you need a new breaker box to be installed on your Beacon Hill property. So if you are making any additions to your home and office or upgrading the current one, then reach out to us today. If you need us for any of these remodeling services for your Beacon Hill property, then do consider us:

  • Installing a circuit breaker box
  • Electric appliance installation
  • Room addition electrical work
  • New lighting installation

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Beacon Hill Breaker Box


Installing a breaker box while renovating or adding to your Beacon Hill property is a must, so that you get a protective fuse in a common space for each of the subsidiary circuits. This allows the rest of the electrical system to stay safe when one component has a short circuit or wiring issue. If you want a breaker box for your Beacon Hill property, then hire our team for electrical work.

With the help of our remodeling services available in the Beacon Hill area, you can also get your existing breaker box fixed. If there is any other electrical work that you have related to a breaker box, give us a call. You can hire us for the following breaker box services near Beacon Hill:

  • Mounting electrical panel
  • Wiring a breaker box
  • Breaker panel repair
  • Breaker replacement

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Beacon Hill Electrical Work


The list of electrical work we can handle for Beacon Hill property owners does not end here. Whether you need rewiring or socket repair near Beacon Hill, we can do it all for you. When you hire us for remodeling services, we can even install new power plugs and switches in the desired locations.

We can even assure you that all your electrical work near Beacon Hill will be handled by only certified electricians. They will also maintain the essential codes dictated by the city when it comes to working on electrical systems like a breaker box or wiring. We can also perform that electrical work on your Beacon Hill property.

  • Electrical switch repair
  • Repair damaged electrical cable
  • Electric furnace repair
  • Electrical outlet repair

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